Corporate Social Responsibility

SNo. Name of CSR Projects/Programs Location of Project Manner of Execution
(Direct/Implementing agency)
1 Education of underprivileged kids :( School for Underprivileged) Vaishali Ghaziabad UP Implementing agency (Sandeepon Music and Educational Trust)
2 Education for underprivileged Kids Learning centres for Remediation VikasNagar and Raipur Blocks of Dehradun Uttarakhand Implementing agency and Self (Mountains children Foundation)
3 Education for tribal kids ( Educational quality improvement and remediation) Various districts of Madhya Pradesh (Parivar) Implementing agency and self Parivaar Educational trust
4 Educational quality improvement Bhilai Chattisgarh Implementing agency and self Sewa Bharti
5 Women empowerment Tailoring and Embroidery course Chennai suburbs Tamilnadu Implementing agency and self
6 Remedial education at Government schools and local community centers Noida UP Implementing agency and self Sandeepon Music and educational trust
7 Disaster and relief management All India Implementing agency and self
8 Teaching and learning material distribution for educational quality improvement All India Implementing agency and self
9 Scholarships for Martyr kids All India Self
10 Scholarships for Underprivileged kids All India Implementing agency and self
11 English Maths remedial program design trainings and implementation(Shantnu, Manoj, Himanshu) All India Implementing agency and self
12 Travel Cost ( Training and monitoring) All India  
13 Extra Budgeted Amount for planned projects All India Implementing agency and Self